The Cookie Monster

Subtraction means taking away.

Eg: 3 - 1 = 2

Cookie Monster loves cookies a lot.

Every single cookie is important to the Cookie Monster.

As you saw in the video, every time he wants to have cookies, his friend Abby, takes away the cookies.

Just how Abby said in the video, "taking away" is called "Subtraction".

In the beginning, Abby has 9 cookies, and the Cookie Monster is extremely happy to see the Yummy Cookies!

Then, she takes away 3 cookies.

Take Away Three. From Nine.

Subtraction means taking away.

If you take away 3 from 9, you get 6.

9 - 3 = 6

In Mathematics, this is the way of writing - "Taking away three from nine, leaves six."

We have - (Minus) symbol for Subtraction.

Eg: Taking away four from eight, leaves four.

8 - 4 = 4

Eg: Taking away five from six, leaves one.

6 - 5 = 1

Remember, "taking away" is the same as subtraction.

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